7º Trophy Jim The Dandy

6°Black Tusker Trophy Follonica (GR) 09.09.2018
19 Ottobre 2018
Raduno Staffordshire Bull Terrier Versilia Challenger Trophy
19 Ottobre 2018


Army of Staffy V-Tiger Woods 1º ecc puppy Males class and Best Puppy
(5 Enteries Total)

Army of Staffy T-Only 1ª ecc Junior Females class and Best Junior
(11 Enteries Total)

Army of Staffy Quiet Storm 4ª Ecc Young Females (5 Enteries in class)

Devils and Fairies Spice Girl 2ª Ecc Intermediate Females (6 Enteries in class)

Army of Staffy Marsia 1ª Ecc Open Females Class and Best Open
(32 Enteries Total)


Judge: Melanie Corcoran

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